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Poster design “Don’t waste water!”

Poster design for “Drop by Drop” environmental conserving initiative contest

Environmental initiative poster design | Art Director: Mike Lytiuga
oster design for water conservation environmental initiative "Drop by Drop" | poster close-up

CLIENT: “Drop by Drop” social initiative for environmentally friendly use of water resources.

OBJECTIVES: Create a poster design for a social advertising campaign about the importance of water conservation and sustainable use of water resources.

STRATEGY BRIEF: Water. What could be easier when you live in a developed country? Turn on the faucet, and you’ve got a glassful of clear water! You did it without any effort!

DESIGN STRATEGY: First of all, to reach people, I needed a strong metaphor, that wasn’t a boring lecture, and doesn’t explain obvious concepts. I needed something unconventional, memorable and quickly-perceived…

That’s why I selected a conception that shows the importance of the problem and makes this issue personal.

Environmental initiative t-shirt graphic design | Art Director: Mike Lytiuga
Environmental initiative t-shirt graphic design | Art Director: Mike Lytiuga


Nice vibrant t-shirt for fundraising and other promotional purposes. Not for sale in Brussels 🙂

Environmental initiative poster design close up | Art Director: Mike Lytiuga

Poster design: the consistency of body text and the logo!

The reader’s eye follows the body text and comes to the logo, which finalized the central message.

Art Director, Copywriter & Graphic Designer: Mike Lytiuga

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