RITZ Hotel Service | Laundry service Translucent business cards design | Art-director: Mike Lytiuga
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Translucent business card design for the big laundry & dry cleaning service facility in New Jersey.

CLIENT: RITZ Hotels Services.

CLIENT’S BUSINESS: excellent laundry & dry cleaning services for chain hotels, based in Paterson, NJ, USA.

CLIENT NEEDS: “We got a new logo, so now we need new business cards”.

MAKE THE expression!

DESIGN STRATEGY: If the new logo represents the cleanliness of washing, why would the business card not do so too? To convey the shining whiteness of laundry, I designed a semi-transparent business card, printed on translucent plastic in two colors: white & RITZ blue.

ABOVE THE EXPECTATIONS: the client thought that he would get an ordinary business card, but the result surpassed his expectations; an eye-catching modern business card demonstrating the excellent laundry service quality.

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Sometimes all that remains about your business after the first meeting is a small piece of paper with your logo, your name, and your phone.  Experienced managers may have more than a dozen such “pieces of paper.”

So, why not stand out from this crowd?

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mike Lytiuga

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