I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and living and working in beautiful Missoula, Montana.

I’m focused on creating commercially effective visual communications for businesses and services. And for over 20 years, I’ve successfully doing this for my clients, from all over the world, for companies of all sizes – from small two-friends companies up to multinational companies.

Advertising campaigns for TV, outdoor, and print, UX/UI design, branding, naming and logotype design, corporate IDs, package & label design, various marketing collaterals, corporative mascots, guerrilla marketing, presentation design, unusual Point-of-Sales materials, branded merchandise, and even illustration – that’s it.


Developing next visual communications, my first thought is how it will work and then how it should look to work, according to the brand, target audience, media, and budget. It’s like solving an equation with parameters – the solution is a carefully selected mix of idea, message, and visual style, packed into specific media. If you hate math – think of it as goblin magic, but it works.

All my projects are a reliable, scalable, and elegant marketing tool built on the principle “function first, art second.”


The commercials I created for my clients while working in different advertising agencies as a creative director and art director have won about a dozen prizes at international advertising festivals, including “Best AD campaign,” Grand Prix, etc.


I have no classic artist education or degree in advertising. When I was growing up, no educational institutions in my country offered professional design or advertising education. So I’ve taught myself using abroad books and creating real projects, constantly trying to choose more challenging tasks.

All my ability to draw, generate creative, commercially profitable ideas, and write code is a result of constant non-stop constant self-study. And a bit of goblin magic.


Even while getting my engineering degree at the Aerospace Systems Department of Kyiv Polytechnic, I worked full-time as a cartoonist and assistant director at the animation film studio.

For four years in a row, without letting a pencil out of my hands, we made the animation series for the U.S., European, and South American film markets. So yes, I am an artist. But a commercial one.

Since my 15th, all my commercial magic always starts with a budget magic wand like this one.

You can ask – why is this particular brand? It is my homage to one of the best books of all time, “Dandelion vine” by Ray Bradbury.