I regularly make various greeting cards. Regular corporate cards and cards for VIP guests use non-traditional materials and printing technology.

My portfolio includes cards for traditional holidays like Christmas or New Year’s (including the Chinese calendar) as well as cards for industry-specific celebrations like Pharmacist Day or Journalist Day.

If you are in the U.S. – contacting me, you can get the design and the printed cards.

Why would you spend money on your own corporate branded greeting cards when you can buy them at any grocery store? Here are a few answers below.


1. To show that you are a reliable and stable company.
2. Additional Tank You card for customers who have given you a chance to make money.
3. A reminder that you remember and appreciate your customers.
4. A reminder that you are still doing business
5. A reminder that you are proud of your company and its service

If at least one of these points is unimportant for you, you should look at something in the nearest grocery store.