Branded merch is a potent tool for increasing brand awareness, fundraising campaigns, and generating additional income. A construction company, a popular restaurant, a local snack brand, a public event, or a sports team — all need this. All these cool t-shirts, trendy hats, practical totes, branded drinkware, bumper stickers, etc.,

So I can help you get the best-looking goodies for your marketing goals and budget, from idea and graphic design to color separation and print production.

For the last several years, I went headfirst into the industry, working with one of the biggest promotional companies in Montana. I create branding and graphics for t-shirts and other promo items for clients from all over Montana and the surrounding states. I hope you enjoy the samples below.

How do you get the best results from promotional products? Here are some advises based on my more than five-year experience in this area:

Art is the king. The more expensive one-color design made by a professional designer with experience in the screen-printing industry – producing a better look and more cost-effective per item than a cheaper-priced six-color design made by an amateur.

Choose the suitable media: I would not recommend choosing the cheapest t-shirt and design – unless you want your merch to be used to wipe the septic tank from the inside.

Trust the printshop! These guys print a lot, and often they can offer you apparel with better price/quality than you can find in any local retail store.