This is my favorite area of design, where I have the highest level of expertise. I love and know-how to design the perfect logo.

I have made Logos that are storytellers about the client’s business, core values, and benefits. No faceless geometry – just a bespoke solution for each client, highlighting their own business and values.

Like a handmade suit tailored by a customer’s body made by an experienced old tailor – logos i’m doing fits well any business. It doesn’t matter if it is a small two-dudes running company or a nationwide business – i’m always providing excellent long-lasting marks. All my logos are merch-oriented, to transformed a common-style cloth into stylish branded apparel.

Addition #1: I am a man of an era in which only the result is valued, not how long and hard was the path to it. So I do not show you piles of sketches, do not tell how many cups of coffee I’ve drunk, and that kind of nonsense.

Addition #2: I appreciate your time. So I will not overwhelm you with Pantone color charts and numbers, font sets, or anything else that only professional designers need.

Just the problem statement, the solution I’ve designed, and how this solution works in the real world, often with limited budgets. Sapienti sat.