Advertising campaign “The real value of headwear”

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CLIENT: Exact Image, famous print shop in Missoula, Montana

INDUSTRY: Advertising and Marketing

MARKETING GOALS: Create a flyer design for a direct mail advertising campaign

broshure design for advertising campaign of local screenprinting shop, Exact Image, Missoula, Montana


Exact Image, a print shop in Montana, has run this ad campaign to promote itself as a reliable custom-branded hat supplier. We run this campaign to inform business/shop owners about the real headwear value and how it can make extra profit.

The major media was rather direct mail. Each box of branded promotional products that went to the client from Exact Image had an advertising flyer about caps’ effectiveness as an advertising medium.


Since Exact Image constantly sent numerous boxes with various branded promotional products to different clients, a small flyer was the most reasonable media for the advertising campaign. A flyer is a sample of a data-driven advertising design: the dataset extracted from the official PPAI research, squeezed, decorated a bit, and placed into a flyer with bold brand colors of Exact Image.

Whoever opens the box and finds the flyer should read it with interest, so readability and accurate information presentation are key. The body text was created to convince a reader that it is best to order this merch from Exact Image.

PS. PPAI – is a Promotional Products Association International, the world’s largest international not-for-profit trade association serving the promotional products industry.

Flyer design for advertising campaign of local screenprinting shop, Exact Image, Missoula, Montana

FLYER: front & Back

The flyer shows an actual project, the cap with a leather patch, crafted by Exact Image for the famous local Tamaracks Resort in Seeley Lake, Montana. The rebranding of this resort is also my doing.


Art director and graphic designer: Mike Lytiuga

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