New Year greetings card design for VIP clients

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CLIENT: Lemoor, the client-service agency from Kyiv, Ukraine.

INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

MARKETING GOALS: To get a New Year card designed for VIP clients, demonstrating that the company is absolutely different from other agencies operating in the market.

Greetings cards design - New Year VIP greetings card for Lemoor agency


Lemur is a Kyiv-based client-service agency, part of the Adam Smith Advertising Holding, specializing in attracting new VIP clients.

In this case, the VIP level refers to the heads of foreign companies’ representative offices in Ukraine, economic and trade advisors of foreign embassies, etc.

The company wanted a New Year’s greeting card, but one that “no one has ever had a card like this before.”


The agency’s logo is a lemur, you can see it in the lower right corner, and it so happened that the coming year was the year of the blue monkey according to the Chinese calendar – so the choice of key visual is obvious.

To be honest, I do not remember why I chose the style of South American cave carving – but the client liked the art and lettering I did.

Because the card had to be different from any other Christmas cards – the execution and materials had to be different from the usual paper and offset printing. That is why I made such an unusual design of the card.

The greeting card text: Congratulations on the New Year. Lemoor

Greetings cards design - New Year VIP greetings card for Lemoor agency - close-up

PRODUCTION: 100% Handmade, eco, vegan

This project was made possible by the desperate courage of Lemoor top management (and they have a budget). It was made into a material by the incredible skill of our production manager, who found all the materials and the team to make it.

This is not a print on a pre-made Chinese base. It really is 100% handmade stuff, from bamboo sticks sourced from the Kyiv fishing market and cut to the correct size to ceramic beads from Mexico found at a local esoteric store. The production team carefully collected all pieces into one greeting card, and we’ve made about a hundred of them.

The art is printed on natural canvas with a silkscreen and two agency branding colors.


Creative idea, Illustration, and lettering: Mike Lytiuga

Production Manager: Vlad (bro, if you are reading this – please, drop me a note, and ill add your full credentials to this project)

Agency: Adam Smith Advertising, Kyiv, Ukraine

Greetings cards design - New Year VIP greetings card for Lemoor agency - a tail


Do you need a greeting card to demonstrate how creative, cool or unique your company is to your potential customers? Are you sure that you have a budget for this?
Send me a message and maybe “… this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”