Poster design to promote branded PPOE supply from Exact Image

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CLIENT: Exact Image, one of the best print shop in Missoula, Montana

INDUSTRY: Advertising and Marketing

MARKETING GOALS: indoor advertising poster design for promoting the Exact Image as a reliable branded personal protective equipment supplier.

Poster design for advertising campaign of the branded PPOE for Exact Image, Missoula, Montana


When Covid hit the U.S., wearing masks in public places and wiping hands constantly with a sanitizer became a new reality, officially mandated by СDС regulations. Virtually all businesses were required to provide their services only by mask-wearing workers.

Therefore the demand for branded masks, hand sanitizers, dispensers, etc., quickly emerged, and Exact Image was one of the companies to fulfill this demand.


It was a delicate subject at a sensitive time: people were dying, people were afraid, and at the same time, people were protesting against wearing a mask, even denying Covid as a disease.

So I designed this poster advertising to promote wearing a mask, using a non-pushy manner, with a key visual based on traditional Montana heritage with a bit of humor.

These advertising posters were placed indoors in the popular Missoula public places, like restaurants, gyms, etc.


Art director, copywriter and poster designer: Mike Lytiuga

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