Poster design to advertise the Exact Image sticker printing service

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CLIENT: Exact Image, one of the best print shop in Missoula, Montana

INDUSTRY: Advertising and Marketing

MARKETING GOALS: Poster design to advertise the new in-house sticker printing service from Exact Image.

Poster design for advertising campaign of the sticker printing service


Exact Image has bought a brand-new printing machine and started to offer the new service for the local community: the stickers, with juicy colors, freshly printed right here, in Missoula, Montana, with a short turnaround time.

This service needs a decent promotion, so the company used the proven method – indoor posters.


Nothing extra – just stickers are promoting stickers with some promo products. Simple and effective solution to inform about new service.

These advertising posters were placed indoors in the popular Missoula public places, like restaurants, gyms, etc.


Art director, illustrator and graphic designer: Mike Lytiuga

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