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CLIENT: Do you really need a client to have a conscience and common sense?

INDUSTRY: Social Initiatives

MARKETING GOALS:  fixing the existing logo to convey the narratives detected in the latest report issued by this organization.

Poster design, inspired by Amnesty International report about Ukrainian army


In August 2022, the seventh month of Ukraine’s bloody defense against the Russian-fascist invaders, Amnesty International released a scandalous report denigrating the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian army was accused of using the tactics of Russian fascists, which Russians have operated in Ukraine since 2014, using the civilians as a human shield, and which is repeatedly documented in photos, videos, and stories of Ukrainian survivors and those who came out of the Russian’s occupation.

Ukrainian citizens have expressed their outrage at this twisting of the facts on the social media of Amnesty International. In response to this, Agnès Callamard, general secretary of this undoubtedly non-biased organization, called Ukrainian citizens trolls and mobs.


A lot of exciting details from various foreign journalists emerged about Donatella Rovera, the Senior Crisis Advisor of Amnesty International, a person who released this report.

Like this tweet from Neil Hauer, a Canadian journalist: “Donatella stayed in the same hotel as us for several days in Kramatorsk in May. It was quite clear from conversations that she had an agenda already – to be contrarian and ‘well akshually Ukraine is just as bad’ before she even began her fieldwork there.”

Here are some proofs: Neil Hauer  |  Tom Mutch  |  Caleb Larson

Donatella also appeared in an alleged CBS documentary where she stated unsubstantiated Russia-forced narratives about arms deliveries to Ukraine. After this, CBS quickly withdrew this film part, promising to release a new version with ‘verified’ data.

I don’t know what policies and rules in the Amnesty International headquarters are used for the reports. Still, in my industry, this kind of thing is usually called “a report on the needs of a particular customer.”


Everyone professionally involved in branding knows that the key visuals and branding constants should translate the brand’s core values.

So if someone wants to emphasize their sympathy for russian fascists and support their actions, forgetting humanity, democracy, and common sense, it should be reflected in their branding, I think.

So I, as a “Ukrainian social media mob and troll,” couldn’t stay aside and made this poster with the logo they deserved. Enjoy, and sapienti sat.

Unofficial branded merch for rally at the Amnesty International offices


Just in case you want to rally under the offices of this organization to show your support for that statement, this design is ready for merch. Let me know if you need a vector file.

This art can be used for cutting vinyl, which is cheaper and quick technology, or for screen printing with two colors (black and whites S/F/S) or using DTG/DTF – whatever budget and print shop you have.

Also, to add a final touch, you can add a little tie-dye by simply dipping the edge of your shirt in paint and letting it drip.


Art director & poster designer: Mike Lytiuga

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