Poster designs and outdoor advertising for Celsiy vodka promotion campaign

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CLIENT: National Alcohol Traditions, a Ukrainian nationwide distillery.

BRAND: Celsiy vodka

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverages

MARKETING GOALS: Poster designs for an advertising campaign in magazines and outdoor advertising to launch a new vodka brand on the national market.


Celsiy is a new brand of modern flavored vodka made for young professionals. The brand was priced as an upper-middle-class product and positioned as “a vodka for escapists.”

PRIMARY GOAL: launch the new vodka brand over the national vodka market, where many local and foreign brands fought for customers’ money.

MEDIA:  TV commercials, outdoor AD, magazine AD, and point-of-sales AD.


In line with the Celsiy TV promo, we have launched an additional supporting print & outdoor advertisement campaign. Precisely at that time, all Ukrainians anticipated a rare astronomic event, a partial solar eclipse. The upcoming eclipse was widely covered by TV and print media and generated massive user buzz on the Internet. It was a unique opportunity that we could not afford to miss.

To ride the buzz, I created “the eclipse” conception, fit perfectly into a current TV communication line, in which each Celsiy bottle represented its’ own mystery world.

For example, look at this Celsiy Original Vodka billboard.

Celsiy Original vodka outdoor advertising campaign poster design


I designed five different posters, one for each vodka flavor: Mint, Pepper, Vanilla, Light, and Absolut. Each poster design has two options: the magazine’s layout and outdoor backlight poster advertising.

This is a citylight poster for Celsiy Original Vodka.

The branded backlight posters were placed along the central streets of the most prominent Ukrainian cities. Generally, these roadside media have a short period of visual contact, so for increasing brand visual recognition at market launch, I needed to put a colossal brand name behind the bottle.

Also, take a look at the Celsiy Pepper TV Commercial; it’s really hot!

Celsiy Pepper vodka outdoor advertising campaign poster design
Celsiy Light vodka print magazine advertising design

Print advertising for CELSIY VODKA

This is a typical Celsiy vodka print advertising in men’s glossy magazines. The print campaign followed the outdoor advertising campaign, and all customers were well-prepared for this brand. In addition, print publications provide a more extended visual contact time, so in this case, we can use a classic print ad with a slogan.

Celsiy Light vodka print ad with a slogan: “Celsiy. The other.”


The big ugly text on the poster’s bottom is a “health warning.” By local advertising laws, health warning text must occupy 15% of any alcohol or tobacco layout and be highly contrasting, and the designer cannot deal with it.

This is a Celsiy Mint flavored vodka print ad. Also, please look at the TV commercial for Celsiy Mint vodka; it’s chilly!

Celsiy Mint vodka print advertising design
Celsiy Vanilla vodka outdoor advertising campaign poster design

Here is the last poster design in a series created for Celsiy vodka outdoor advertising: this one is for vanilla-flavored vodka.


Art Director: Mike Lytiuga
Creative concept development, art direction & poster design.

Branding: Alexander Sanchenko
Celsiy Logo & label design

Prepress Engineer: Volodymyr Kovalsky

Agency: BATES Ukraine (later RAVI JWT)


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