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CLIENT: National Alcohol Traditions, a Ukrainian nationwide distillery.

BRAND: Celsiy vodka

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverages

TEASER SPOT OBJECTIVES: to make and intrigue before running the primary advertising campaign with TV commercials and outdoor advertising for the new vodka brand on a national market.


INTRO: Meet the sizzling taste of pepper-flavored vodka in TV commercials for Celsiy vodka — the modern vodka for young professionals. These stylish people know the feeling of good vodka and are always ready to discover something new.

The brand is positioned as “a vodka for escapists” and priced as an upper-middle-class product.

SETTING THE GOAL: To make an efficient market launch, especially on the highly competitive local vodka market, where are several domestic and foreign brands fought for customers’ attention and money.

I had to create something entirely different from broadcasted vodka TV commercials, promoting new emotional experiences for customers.


I crafted a teaser TV commercial to prepare the ground for a Celsiy vodka advertising campaign, which ran two weeks before the primary TV advertising campaign. The mysterious women’s voice in extraterrestrial language told a strange story in this video.

For all, who isn’t non-Alpha Centaur person, the story has translated subtitles. Here is this story: “There are many worlds in the Universe. And each of us chooses his own. Which will you choose?

After two weeks of teaser broadcasting, it was glued to the original TV commercial into one video spot and went to the air as a central part of the advertising campaign.

PS. Sorry, guys, I only have the video of this quality.

PPS. The big ugly text at the bottom of the video is a health warning. Unfortunately, due to local advertising laws, health warnings always occupy predefined area alcohol or tobacco layouts. It must be contrasted enough, and you can’t get rid of it.

Primary TV commercials for Celsiy vodka:

Primary TV commercials for Celsiy vodka:


“Celsiy” TV commercials were “out of the TV clutter” and entirely different than any other broadcasted vodka TV commercials.

It was a perfect product launch: the brand got colossal target audience attention and garnered a share in the national vodka market.


We launched the national advertising campaign in three steps:

Step one: Two weeks before the official campaign start date, we started broadcasting a teaser video.

Step two: The teaser with the following TV commercial, with an additional outdoor advertising campaign started. The outdoor campaign had different visuals but kept the primary “the mysterious Celsiy worlds” communication line.

Step three: Original TV commercial only, plus outdoor and BTL actions in the most popular nightclubs in cities with over a million residents started. I created the third set of visuals for BTL actions based on the main customers’ activities pattern.


Art-Director: Mike Lytiuga.
TV commercial conception, scenario, storyboard development, post-production supervising.

Copywriter: Nikita Lazorenko.
Created the brand slogan, extraterrestrial linguistics, and voice-over text.

Agency: BATES Ukraine (later RAVI JWT)

Video Production: Wizard Post, Ukraine.

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