Logo design for Farland travel agency

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CLIENT: Farland, the extreme custom tours travel agency in Kyiv, Ukraine.

INDUSTRY: Travels & Leisure

MARKETING GOALS: logo design with an intense reflection of the brand personality.

The client and the business

Farland is a small travel agency started by a couple of real adventurers. They organize extreme custom tours for backpacking enthusiasts in the wildest, most beautiful, and extraordinary places worldwide.

Clients get a private, professional guide with support on the trail and an adventure of a lifetime, with lasting memories.


This logo is a stylized image of a real pioneer,  a man with a huge backpack and road stick, a real tramp who knows the trail’s call.

The primary color scheme for this brand is the colors of mud, sand, and leather.

logo design for the Farland Travel Agency - primary logo option with byline


This primary logo is used for major communication channels, like printed media, corporate stationery, web, and application design. Here is the logo with the byline as it is shown on letterhead.


It provides excellent brand recognition, like on this yellow raincoat from the  “Farlander  starter pack.”

It is not done in the name of the design. The bright yellow jacket with a huge contrast logo helps recognize teammates in crowded tourist places, like Chichen-Itza. Also, it keeps people from getting lost in foggy weather conditions.

logo design for the Farland Travel Agency - logo icon and branded raincoats
logo design for the Farland Travel Agency - horizontal logo option


Many famous brands used ordinary fonts for the brand name, but in this case, I’ve decided to create a custom lettering where each letter’s graphemes echoed the icon. Just to emphasize the brand’s uniqueness.

And the lettering keeps readability well, look at this car window sticker!

Monochrome logo

In the life of any brand, there are everyday situations when a logo should be applied in one color only for the sake of budget-saving or due to the inability to use paint or a specialized application method, such as laser engraving.

logo design for the Farland Travel Agency - vertical logo option
Custom branded apparel and logo design for the Farland Travel Agency

And don’t forget about branded merch!

Nice t-shirt, isn’t it? One-color screenprinting, two imprint zones, and water-based ink to avoid the sweet spot of the full chest imprint. Simple but nice-looking merch.


Art director, logo designer, and lettering artist: Mike Lytiuga

Logo design for the Farland Travel Agency - one-color branding for vests


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