Rebranding for Tamaracks Resort

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CLIENT: Tamaracks Resort, Seeley Lake, MT.

INDUSTRY: Travel & Leisure

MARKETING GOALS: To become a contemporary brand and develop its stylish-looking merchandise line.


Tamarack Resort is one of the oldest resorts in Montana, known from the 1900th. This charming place on beautiful Seeley Lake provides rental cabins, RV & camping spots, and everything a typical resort does.

In 2019 new owners needed some marketing collaterals and merch for the resort, and they transferred previously created materials to me.


Working with the visuals for this client, I’ve found it hard to create something attractive with an existing logo. Why? Because it was built more like an illustration without considering business needs. Impractical layout, an excessive number of colors, lot of tiny details – all these issues made branded merch line too expensive and unattractive.

Understanding how costly it would be for the customer to use such a logo, i’m offered my vision of how the logo should look.

Rebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - old logoRebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - new logo

REBRANDING: the solution

Before starting, I understood the client’s primary media and merch assortment. I redesigned the logo to look clean and recognizable, focused on the client’s business.

With a modern concise monoline graphic style, the brand starts looking stylish and pops out on any apparel color, printed with any color of ink. The logic is pretty simple: I kept the core semantic elements from the old logo but rearranged them to shift the spotlight to the cabin.

You can move the mouse over the picture on the left to see how the logo has changed.


Honestly, the clients were surprised by the rebranding, but being intelligent business people, they quickly realized how many benefits the new logo has for business and approved it. Here is a neat sample of branded merch: a vine tumbler imprinted with a logo in a primary brand color.

Rebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - custom branded drinkvare
Rebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - some of the resort retail branded merch


The main benefit of this logo is a versatility. It was printed  over all available apparel colors, from vibrant to healthy-earthy tones, using all possible ink colors despite the primary one, marked in the brand book – and merch looks excellent and does not cost an arm and a leg.

Here’s an example of part of the customer merchandise line; screenprinting by Exact Image, Montana, with semi-transparent white ink.


The resort employees received their T-shirts with a slightly modified logo in accordance with their work duties.

Rebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - custom branded employee t-shirts
Rebranding for Tamaracks Resont on Seeley Lake, Montana - branded tote bags

One more item from  the “Resort Must-Have Merch Set” is a branded tote bag: practical household item, and at the same time a great word-of mouth media.


Art director & logo designer: Mike Lytiuga


If you own or manage a resort, hotel, bar, or any other point of interest, and you feel that something in your visual communications needs to be changed – now you know who you need to contact.

If you need to bond with your clients, run your promo merch line, or spread word of mouth about yourself – let me know, and I’ll help you to get all these items well-designed and printed. 

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