Logo design for World of Amazing Things

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CLIENT: Terra Advertising, Ukrainian advertising & production agency based in Kyiv.

INDUSTRY: Advertising & Media

MARKETING GOALS: to get a cool promotional logotype for the corporate SMM project


World of Amazing Things is a unique SMM project created for education in the client’s community that modern promo items are more than bored branded pens / key-chains / USB drives.

The primary project’s media are Facebook & Instagram.

mandatory requirements

Logo design must have a strong visual relationship with the “Terra Group,” the parent brand logo,  and at the same time, be sufficiently unique and fun.

Promo logo design - new brand vs parent brand

LOGO DESIGN STRATEGY: parent brand vs. affiliated brand

The primary objective is to achieve a high visual consistency with a parent brand; you can see it on the left card.

So, I’ve opened the box and transformed it into a “Jack-in-the-box” toy, then added a slight shininess around it. For better likeness, I used the colors of the parent brand, violet and lime green.

The new logo looks like a logical and graphical continuation of the parent brand, with its playful personality.


Here is a vertical two-color logo, the main logo option for corporate gifts, and funny items for quiz winners.

The logo looks nice and is applied well for most surfaces via silk printing or pad printing. Both of these methods provide the ability to keep the brand’s colors vibrant.

Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - vertical logo
Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - vertical one-color logo

One-color logo

Good logo design always looks crisp and keeps excellent recognizability being applied even by the one-color process. Look at these business card wallets.


This version of the logo was designed for branding visual content in various social networks, and it was used only there. The logo is always placed at the bottom left corner, as mandated in the brand book.

Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - horizontal one-color logo
Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - inverted one-color logo


This version of the logo is used to brand pictures with dark backgrounds, which are fond of using different luxury brands. Аs you can see, the logo retains its identity.

How about an extra small logo size?

No problemo, look, even in that size logo still kept great recognition.

Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - small full-color icon
Promotional logo design for World of Amazing Things - logo color options


Art director & logo designer: Mike Lytiuga


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