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CLIENT: All-Ukrainian Youth Ecologist Conference, Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

INDUSTRY: Social Initiatives

MARKETING GOALS: Design a logo for a conference that reflects youth yearning for a green future.


This logo was designed to mark the first annual All-Ukrainian conference of the young ecologists. This is the first conference of this kind in Ukraine; dozens of young ecologists from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries present their projects, communicate and make business contacts.

Also, this event was an excellent opportunity to make money for small local businesses, like cafes, gift shops, etc. This is why the client said, “give me a catchy, memorable logo, which looks cool in one-color option; we need to make a lot of snazzy merch for a reasonable price.”


The client chose the “nature gives you wings” concept out of three proposed ideas. In Ukrainian, this message sounds even better, just two words.

According to the brand message, the logo grapheme is pretty simple: a man who wants to fly up with wings made from leaves. The color palette consists of two colors: a bright orange color, evoking youth desire and passion, and lime-green, spring leaves.

logo design for youth ecologists conference - branded coffee mug design

Logo Design: vertical option

The client got a bright and clean logo, reflecting customer business values. The logo has a perfect silhouette and doesn’t lose recognition, even when printed in one color or extra-small size.

This is a primary logo option used for corporate ID, various conference stationery merch, and souvenirs.


This logo option is used for specific merchandise samples with strong horizontal dominance, like flags, headbands, etc.

logo design for youth ecologists conference - outdor advertising banner design
logo design for youth ecologists conference - pin button designs


The logo icon is clear, concise & recognizable even appeared in one-color. It is used widely for making additional promotional merchandise, like pin buttons, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.


I’m not a big fan of creating patterns from the logo, but in this case, the pattern works well and produce a great looking bandanas.

logo design for youth ecologists conference - logo pattern for bandanas
logo design for youth ecologists conference - branded apparel design

Don’t forget about branded merch!

It is always good to get a branded merchandise like these festival participants’ T-shirts. They are 100% cotton unisex tees with a one-color full chest and left sleeve imprint. As a result, the client got sharp-looking and cost-effective goods for mass production and donation.


Art director, logo designer: Mike Lytiuga


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