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CLIENT: Compass-Trade, one of the leading Ukrainian electronic distributors.

BRAND: Delfics Computers, a new brand of personal computers, assembled in Ukraine.

INDUSTRY: Electronics

MARKETING GOALS: logo design that looks modern and dynamic but is different from other computer brands.

The client and the business

Compass-Trade,  one of the prominent players in the Ukrainian consumer electronics market, created its personal computers and laptop brand for the national market. The products were assembled in Ukraine and sold in the Ukrainian and CIS markets.

The owner suggested the brand phoneme as a combination of a part of the word dolphin and CS from Computer Systems.


You could ask, “Why use the dolphin in the computer logo?.” First, the central part of the brand phoneme sounds like “dolphin” in Ukrainian. Second, the dolphin is an intelligent and fast creature — a perfect visual metaphor for the computers this brand makes. And finally, third – the client wants this.

I created custom lettering with bold and rapid looks to make the logo more dynamic and distinctive from other local trademarks made with typical tech-facing fonts. Two turquoise tones finalized the logotype look.

Logo design & branding for personal compuer brand Delfics - full-color logo


A two-color version of the logo is designed for primary communication channels such as print and outdoor advertising, packaging, branded merchandise, and branded apparel for sales representatives and consultants.


The company boss liked the sharp image of a dolphin so much that it was made into a separate branding unit for use on the nameplates of computer cases, on quality control stickers, and even on limited-edition branded cufflinks.

Logo icon design for personal compuer brand Delfics - merch and domed nameplate
Logo design & branding for personal compuer brand Delfics - one-color computer case marking
Logo design & branding for personal compuer brand Delfics - one-color logo

One-color logo options

The reputable brand must have a one-color logo option for those cases where the application of colors is unreasonably expensive or impossible for this medium, for branding when various mechanical methods are used, such as stamping or laser engraving.


The cheaper print method doesn’t mean a cheap look.

Such color options are used for branding computer cases and shipping boxes. As you can see – even printed with one color, the logo retains excellent recognizability and legibility.

Logo design & branding for PC brand Delfics - promotion products & merch

Primary brand colors

The color pair of dark-light – works great on any promotional products, allowing a spectacular and inexpensive branding of anything.

And even more – in various Internet media specialized in covering the local computer industry, this color pair is used for coloring the phoneme of the DelfiCS brand like this.


Art director, lettering artist and logo designer: Mike Lytiuga

Logo design & branding for PC brand Delfics - outdoor sugnage


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